Many people had an impact on the work of John Constable.  For a little information about each of them click on this link people-who-influenced-constable

SIR GEORGE BEAUMONT (1753-1827)  Art collector and amateur painter

JOHN DUNTHORNE (1770–1844)  Son of the above and artist from East Bergholt

JOHNNY DUNTHORNE (1798 – 1832)  Son of the above and artist and studio assistant to John Constable

THE EDMONTON CIRCLE  Artists, JT Smith and John Cranch

JOSEPH FARINGTON (1747-1821) Amateur landscape painter

BISHOP DR JOHN FISHER (1748-1825)  Bishop of Salisbury

JOHN FISHER (1788-1832) Nephew of Bishop John Fisher and Archdeacon at Salisbury Cathedral

GEORGE FROST (1754-1821) Amateur artist and drawing master

DAVID PIKE WATTS (1754-1816) Constable’s uncle and London wine merchant

BENJAMIN WEST (1728-1830) President of the Royal Academy